Silent Hill diary

Playthrough No. 1
- Entry 5 - ending and final thoughts (spoilers)
Playing SH2 first made SH1 both easier to understand and a lot more confusing. The cult stuff really threw me for a loop since I had been expecting to focus more on Harry than the town as a whole, but being the first game in the series this makes more sense. I'll have to read up on it to understand everything more.

I don't really understand Kaufmann's connection to the plot other than at the very end when he delivered the aglaophotis. I must have missed the details since I was rushing through the second half of the game.

I saved Cybill at the carnival. I spoiled it for myself by looking up the red liquid after I left the hospital without using it, so I knew she would become possesed at some point. I had been afraid that I missed something, but I ended up realizing I got lucky I even found it at all.

Poor Alessa... She was so completely tortured, even in death. Cheryl turned back into a baby in the end and I think Alessa was helping Harry, Cheryl, and Cybill get away when she reached out her hand, before she could finally die for good.

I got the Good+ ending, though it didn't really feel like a huge achievement. I feel like I might have gotten more information from the other endings, so I might play again for one of those. I know there is a joke ending as well.

I feel sort of dumb for not understanding the game more. I get that the whole point is that it's weird and confusing and it doesn't make a ton of sense to begin with, but I expected to be able to psychoanalyze the characters more easily. This Silent Hill just feels so different from the one in SH2; what are the rules? I'll be reading about it all night to try and fill in the gaps. I'm really excited to play SH3 now and see how it all ties together!
- Entry 4
I played through the rest of the game in one sitting! There's a lot to go through.

First I'd like to point out the difference between Harry and James's reactions to coming across a pinup poster.

Harry seemed quite coy in this moment, it made me laugh. He just can't afford to get distracted right now!

"This is no time to be looking at a stupid poster." James is busy and angry and he's totally not in the mood to be reminded of his sexuality in such a crass way. Psychosexual hallucinations and physical representations of his trauma only, thank you.

Running through the otherworld/overworld was really annoying this time cause I went through all my ammo. I had to run past those flying things and dumb dogs, I could barely stop to look around.

Cool camera angle at the lighthouse.

Not getting a chance to explore Lakeside Amusement Park more was a bummer. Running past the carousels and seeing the horses in the cutscene with Cybill was nice.

Alessa's desk? The stuff written on it was so sad...

Pretty much all my questions were answered back at the hospital! It felt very rewarding to go back and have to interact with the puzzles that were hinted at before. I enjoyed the riddles but the setting drove me crazy, I absolutely hate not having a map in areas like this where doors lead you all around. My nightmare!

I can't say I completely understand all the cult stuff. It was no surprise that Lisa is dead considering I only ever saw her in the otherworld. I guess she was attending to Alessa in her messed up state according to the tape.




I loved the final boss! I had saved up all of my rifle shells so I just went to town and it was down in no time. It looked really cool though!

- Entry 3
I enjoyed the hospital, the puzzles were simple to solve but I am left with more questions than answers. What's the red liquid for? What about the birdcage, the screwed in slate, and the blank slate? The grim reaper's list? I've been keeping notes in a notepad so maybe I'll decipher some of this later when I have more information. I want to try and figure out how things relate to the character's minds without looking it up later.

The craziest thing about the hospital is that the staff would have to walk in through the examination room in order to get to reception. Who designed this building?

I'd like to start collecting Silent Hill bathroom pictures.

The vhs tape was confusing. It sounded like a nurse trying to tend to a patient but things were going wrong. Was the patient Cheryl? Harry's wife? Someone else?

Running into Cybill again was great cause the conversations she has with Harry are insane. After talking about how weird everything is, how she may or may not have seen Cheryl walking on air, and how completely desolate the town is, she immidiately shuts Harry down when he mentions the otherworld. You sound crazy lol. Some woman said something about the town being "devoured by darkness"? Must be on drugs. Lmao.

The drug she mentioned must be the same one in the police report at the station and the powder in the chalice at the altar. I can't remember the name of it, but supposedly it's grown locally.

No god.

I'm curious to learn more about the people I've run into. Cybill, Lisa, Dr. Kauffman, crazy old lady Gillespe... So far I've only seen Lisa in the otherworld and she seems pretty messed up. Do they all have some trauma like the characters in SH2?

Cute hot dog place!

As I ran to the antique shop I did a double take- I would recognize that anywhere. Iconic Carrie posters in Silent Hill! Amazing!

I was very happy to see the posters were still there in the otherworld.
- Entry 2
The school was a cute setting! In the fogworld at least.

I was hoping to see cute art made by the kids and I wasn't disappointed.

who are you?

The little knife guys were too cute to be really intimidating. What were the transluscent little babies that wouldn't attack? All they did was run around me in circles, they made me kind of sad. I guess all the monsters here represent children. I have a bad feeling about Cheryl's whereabouts.

Bathrooms are some of my favorite locations in Silent Hill games.

Both the puzzles were fun to solve, especially the bird one. I appreciated being told by a fairytale how to kill the boss.

Speaking of the boss... the tank controls were actually pretty helpful in this instance. Being able to walk backwards while shooting is the only reason I was able to kill that thing. I wasn't able to get a good look at it or really dissect the scene before I was out of there, so I'll have to look into it.
- Entry 1
My first SH playthrough! I'm so excited!

Fuck tank controls. The option to switch to 2d controls in SH2 was a godsend and I'm so sad that I don't have that here. I've already mostly gotten used to the controls but I still hate them. Oh well.

The PS1 graphics are so lovely. I will always have a soft spot for clunky, angular graphics with choppy textures stretched over them. My laptop monitor doesn't do them justice. Once I get a CRT I will have to revist.

I only played for a few minutes tonight so I haven't gotten very far. I can't really get a read on Harry since he hasn't said much, but I kinda like him already. More than I liked James at least, probably cause he's brunette and a dad.

The snow is so cute! It makes me happy. The monsters are interesting and so far a lot more of a challenge than in SH2. I don't know if it's just cause I played SH2 on easy and I'm playing this on normal, but the monsters actually running to chase me down is refreshing.

Anyone up for a game of basketdog?

I can't wait to get deeper into Harry's mind and see what exactly brought him to Silent Hill. Unlike James he at least seems kind of curious about why the town is so empty.